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 Coron – the Beauty is waiting for you.......

Coron is a small, but uprising town on Busuanga Island, which is the largest Island of the beautiful Calamianes Group, located in the north of Palawan. Coron is especially famous as the TOP Wreck Diving Site in the Philippines and one of the best wreck-diving sites worldwide. During the World War II, 10 Japanese Ships sunk by an US air-raid in the Bay of Coron. It is also well known for the unusually Baracuda Lake, where you have to climb first over limestones to get to this wild spot with its extreme thermal layers. Excellent reef- and cave diving completing the wide range of different dive-sites in a most beautiful and fascinating surrounding.

Coron-Town has a population by changes around people. In town you can find some accommodations from low budget (300 Pesos) to higher standard (4000 Pesos). The Center is the Public Market where you can buy all kinds of fruits, vegetables, meat and fresh fish. Everything you can do by walking distance. But there are also a lot of trycicles (motorbike with a sidecar) they will bring you everywhere you want for a cheap fare. In town around 10-15 Pesos.

There are a few restaurants we can recommend in Coron-Town; the absolutely best choice to eat in town is the quite central located “Coron Bistro”, the French owner Bruno makes the best international food (Pizza, Pasta, Thai food) for a reasonable price. Beside Bruno’s Bistro you can check out the restaurant at Mount Tapias Hotel, La Serenetta, L&M Restaurant, Kawayan Grill and SUBASCO the new Bar, Disco and Restaurant or a few typically local restaurants and “food stalls” in town, which charge you pretty cheap prices for their food. A new cafe/bar called "The Living Room" serves good breakfast, snacks and good value meals. It also shows nightly movies and has free WiFi.


Coron Night Life
There are a limited number of tourist oriented Bars & Restaurants which provide, besides of meals, also musical entertainment (Karaoke) and alcohol. Nightlife is in general chatting with other divers and tourists while sitting around, having a drink and listening to music. Coron has a few discos, usually visited by the younger generation of local residents, especially on Friday and Saturday night. Check out SUBASCO!


Tips in bars and restaurants are not on a percentage basis, a normal tip is between five and twenty pesos per person regardless of the bill. Don’t tip unless you are pleased with the service. The exceptions to the rule are the boat boys and dive guides, they work hard for your benefit so don’t be shy about giving them what you think they have been worth to you.


Coron has ATM Machines which accepting all kinds of foreigner credit cards. The most dive-shops and hotels accept US-Dollars and Euro but seldom Travellers Cheques. Almost every resort offers you to deposit your important stuff like passport and cash in safety boxes. If you want to use your credit card you will suffer a lot,…the most shops and resorts asking 6% to 12% charges!!




Mobile phones
We suggest you to buy a local SIM card (Smart Buddy or Globe) for 40 pesos and put it in your mobile phone: it will be much cheaper to make international long-distance- and local calls. Almost everywhere you can get Prepaid Load Cards.


Electricity supply 220 volts, 60 Hertz, for European plugs you can buy an adapter in any hardware store for 15 Pesos. The power supply sometimes breaks down (a so called “brown-out), so we advise you to bring a torch with you.


Dive with Rocksteady Dive Center and explore the World War II Japanese Wrecks – there are the “Big Six” Wrecks that one must explore. Dive the geothermal waters of Barracuda Lake, and if weather permits, be captivated by the Cathedral – located on the south-tip of Coron Island and many reef dives!!.

Aside from Diving you can do.......


There is no Beach in Coron Town, but short boat trips can bring you to Coron Island, the ancestral homeland of the Tagbanuas with its towering limestone cliffs and idyllic white beaches, crystal clear water, coral gardens and tropical forests providing an unforgettable adventure. You should not miss a visit at Kayagan Lake at Coron Island!! Take the kayak and find the lagoons with crystal clear water! Entrance fees for beaches 100 Pesos, Kayagan Lake 200 Pesos, Barracuda Lake 100 Pesos.


Around 15 minutes outside of Coron you will find the Hot Springs in Makinit. Dip in the healthy 3 pools with one natural appearing salt water spring. The water measures in the rank of 36 degrees Celsius and it is an amazing place for relaxing after the dives or other activities. The Entrance fee is around 100 Pesos. Only 15minutes from the center of Coron-Town, there is a Freshwater-Pool; the Mabentagen Pool. The cold water is stored from a river in a big pool. Just footsteps away the jungle is waiting for you, to be explored. Free entrance


If you have some time, climb up to Mount Tapias. After a 20minutes hike up to the cross you will have an unimaginable view over the Islands around you. Check it out for sun set or sun raise!! Or if you want some challenge, than climb up to Mount Tundalara, the highest point of the Calamianes Group. You will need around 2 to 3 hours to manage the 640m to the peak, but it is for sure worth!! If necessary, ask for a guide.


If you want to know and see more about Busuanga, rent a Motorbike or bicycle and adventure the Island! Explore the numerous trails that lead to mangrove forests, rivers and waterfalls, lush vegetation, small villages and excellent beaches. Most of the roads over and around the island are still “off-road”, only in Coron-Town and surrounding area you have concrete roads….good idea, to keep it slow and relaxed! Rental fees for different kind of Motorbikes (150-200ccm dirt-bike, or smaller ones with 110-125ccm) for one day around 500-1000 pesos, bicycles around 100 Pesos.


Horse Back Riding
And, if you still have time, visit Conception, where you can ride through beautiful areas. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, just enjoy the nature around you! 



Exploring the African Wildlife
Don’t forget Caluit Island, around 4 hours per boat or 3 hours per car (+ 30 min with the boat) to this unforgettable, special island. African Wildlife is waiting for you, like giraffes, zebras, gazelles, crocodiles, mouse deer, and more fascinating animals. Check out the Link!!


Don’t miss this beautiful and charming Island! Check out the amazing Link on our webpage!



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